Dr.SVK, Nalam Hospital, Trichy 620020

Plastic Surgeon: Dr.B.SenthilvelKumar (Dr.SVK), Nalam Hospital, Trichy

Dr. B. Senthilvelkumar is a highly qualified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of surgical experience who exemplifies the high standards required to be a leader in the field. He is greatly admired for his ethical, high quality, personalized, professional and affordable service. He brings his valuable experience and knowledge to serve the greater communities of Trichy.

Dr. B. Senthilvelkumar is also an expert in the treatment of diabetic foot and varicose veins. He has successfully performed over 10,000 surgical cases pertaining to reconstructive surgery and general surgery paying utmost attention to detail and ensuring patient satisfaction.

His persuasive attitude to achieve excellence and never to settle for mediocrity in his quality of care towards his patients has secured a special place amidst his patients and colleagues.

Plastic, Hand and Microvascular Surgery Unit:

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